Development Process

In our process, we put more emphasis on risk mitigation. Requirements are defined in as much detail as possible by involving users and consumers. Preliminary design is created. Assessment is a crucial step in the process, part of it being a sensitivity analysis and security audit to further mitigate risk and double-confirm the project strategy. Through examining the Prototype, we can better understand the strengths, weaknesses and risks of the Final product.

1. Research and plan

2. Advisory team assessment

3. Prototyping

4. Final product

With our process, you benefit from state-of-the-art technologies, the most relevant design towards launch and development at targeted cost, as well as the consolidation of new business models.


How do we make it happen ? Interwoven into our development process is the Open innovation paradigm. In addition to our team expertise in technology and business we form partnerships, crowdstorm, engage in open source communities. And we commit ourselves in collaboration, experimentation and testing.


We work with you to define the challenge


We engage widely to identify existing and potential new solutions


We select with you the most relevant solutions with technology scouting including emerging technologies


We build state-of-the-art solution using technologies identified


Take a look whom you will meet first.

Piotr Nazarewicz


Has rich IT and Business experience. Certified in IT security (CISSP) and Investment banking (CFA). Holds dual Masters, from Warsaw University of Technology and Warsaw School of Economics. Completed his MBA Programme in Technology and Innovations Management at Vienna University. Designed ICT systems for high-tech campanies and worked in Financial risk for a global investment bank. In project teams, Piotr brings the unique combination of Technology, Strategic Management, Investment banking and Quantitative knowledge.

Michał Nazarewicz


Very knowledgeable and analytical. Decomposes problems and provides highly effective technological solutions. Analysis is backed by expertise and experiences gained at Samsung, Google Zurich office, and top tier Investment bank in London. His specialties are: systems reliability and efficiency, distributed computing, virtualization, linux kernel, algorithmic trading, and more. Michał is a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Our Mission: Initiate an active, creative and social process, based on collaboration between producers and users to generate value for customers.


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